Air Seeders


Benefits & Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible configurations
  • Stainless steel distributors don't worry about corrosion or rust again
  • Poly Hopper Bins - easy to see the product level, won't crack or corrode
  • Sealing methods guaranteeing consistent equal lid and hopper pressure
  • Provision for retro-fit of precision farming kits, farm scan units and augar attachments.
  • High performance and accuracy


The HOMAN Air Seeder is user friendly for efficient seeding and fertilising in row-cropping and broad-acre situations. Ideal for zero till and designed to be adaptable to your existing equipment.



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and benefits of the HOMAN Jet-tech AirSeeder

Various sizes and configurations to suit.
Double Bin Trailing  


Double bin trailing configuration with 
Toolbar & Disc Openers


Toolbar Mounted 


Combined with double or single disc 
openers for a complete zero till planter

Front Mounted  
Tripple Bin - Tri Wheel Castor Cart  
Tripple Bin - Quad Cart  
Adaptable to Equipment  

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