Floating Hitch Cultivator

200 Series (200 mm tine spacing) 14 models
250 Series (250 mm tine spacing) 11 models



The floating hitch design allows all wheels to be placed within the frame enabling the advantageous short wheelbase. Over undulations the wheelbase remains constant, unlike the pivoting hitch style that suffers from significant variations in wheel loadings. These features combine for excellent depth control. Benefits include reduced draught, improved seed placement and fuel saving.



Cultivators are equipped with an even tine pattern on the back two bars. As a result, this provides an even field finish and wide spacing for summer crop planting. For example, the 250 series has a one-meter spacing on the second back bar. Underframe clearance 660mm (28").


180 Series (180 mm tine spacing) 18 models
880 Series (230 mm tine spacing) 21models



A true multi-purpose machine for tillage and planting, providing the penetration required to establish an even side bed, or direct drill. Range of bolt-on options available. Main tine pivot is double-bushed for wear protection.

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