Fixed or Floating Hitch Scarichisel

300 Series (300 mm tine spacing) 7 models
350 Series (250 mm tine spacing) 7 models



Robust tine allows this Scarichisel to be used for chisel plough work whilst also suited to lighter cultivation and planting. A true multi-purpose machine. The even tine pattern across the back two bars results in an even field finish while also providing extra plant spacing options. Component options are also available to suit seasonal planting.


250 mm tine spacing 33 models (up to 85 tines)


Strength and stubble handling capabilities of a chisel plough with the weed killing and tilth of a scarifier. Edge-on tine break-out force provides necessary strength for chisel ploughing, direct drilling and moisture planting. Underframe clearance 700mm (28"). The back bar has a 1m spacing for summer crop planting. Tandem walking wheels mounted inside frame

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