This grazier wanted to test just how much difference the HOMAN plough really did make to pasture development. He ploughed and seeded one strip through the middle of an unploughed shelter patch. 

   A Revolution in Pasture Development and Arid Land Reclamation
blade_plough3_sml.jpegRetain Soil Moisture 
The greatest advantage of Homan ploughing is the ability to retain moisture in soil. A pre-ploughed paddock loses a high percentage of its rainfall down gullies, and pasture is starved out by advancing timber regrowth and lack of moisture. 

Quantity and quality of pastures are dependent upon the water and mineral cycles. Experience has shown that Homan ploughing 10" - 12" deep will maximise the effect of these cycles.

happycattle_sml.jpegIncrease Carrying Capacity

The HOMAN ploughing process allows pasture to grow that fattens cattle and increases production two to fourfold on most properties.

Graziers who have used the Homan plough claim amazing increases in both carrying capacity and beef production. 

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