Davey AFM tines are well designed and well proven. The tine has an edge-on shank, which bolts into the main pivot casting. The shank is strongest in the direction of the loading to estimate shank flexing and distortion, so the correct ground tool-angle is maintained.

The standard shank has a two bolt sweep, with many other optional shanks available.


When the shank is pushed rear-wards, the break out force initially increases (approx. 25% for the Cultivator, and 20% for the Scarichisel), but once the tip of the point has cleared 100mm, the force falls rapidly to minimize the loading on the frame.

The tines main pivot pin is non-greasable and has an inner and outer bush for wear protection. Tines may be easily dismantled in the field without the need for special tools to compress or restrain the spring.

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