One of our latest steel sided road train trailer configurations. Manufactured to withstand the rough Australian conditions at Normanton on the Gulf of Carpentaria.

DIMENSIONS: Length up to 12400mm (40’ 8”) x 2500mm (8”2,5”) wide. 4.6m overall height includes trailer. Deck heights designed to suit turntable height of prime mover.
SIDES: 2.5 mm horizontally crimped lyten sheet fully welded on inside of crate only. 4 x RHS climbing rails running complete length of crate both sides.
Options: Crimped lyten sheeting fully welded inside and outside of crate.
FLOOR: 3mm crimped lyten sheet with 12mm round fixed grating across top of crimps. Crimps run across full width of trailer
Option: 3mm crimped lyten sheeting with drain full length of trailer. Drains thru to bottom deck of crate.
FRONT: 3mm crimped lyten sheet headboard fully welded on inside. Ladder up center.
Option: ¾ thru load w/- slam shut gates and spring assisted full width flap – top & bottom decks. Chains are fitted to gates. Thru load gates sheeted w/- 3.0mm aluminum or 1.6mm crimped lyten sheeting (fully welded on inside only).
REAR: ¾ thru load w/- slam shut gates & spring assisted full width flap – top and bottom decks.
Option: ¾ sliding doors w/- thru load. Thru load gates are sheeted 3.0mm aluminum sheet or 1.6mm crimped lyten sheeting (fully welded on inside only).
PENS: Two pens per deck. Bottom pen – 1 x ¾-swinging slam shut door. Top pen – 2 x ¾ swinging slam shut doors. All doors slam shut to side frame when open. Doors are sheeted w/- 3.0mm aluminum or 2.5mm lyten crimped sheeting (fully welded on one side only).
Option: 2 X3/4 swinging slam shut doors on bottom deck. 3 piece sliding doors top and bottom deck.
CATWALK: Timber catwalk full length of crate.
Option: Gridmesh catwalk.
RAMP: Full width 12’ ramp w/-single acting electric / hydraulic power pack. Various options are available regarding positioning of ramp, powerpacks, remote controls, cylinders and the supply of batteries, solar panels, trickle feed etc.
SIDELOAD: All sideload doors are mounted with three heavy-duty hinges. Chains are fitted to doors.
Option: Various options regarding positioning, size and quantities of sideload doors are available.
LIGHTS: Lights (wired in conduit) conforming to all relevant Australian Design Rules. LED front and rear marker lamps.
PAINT: Crate is deburred and fully sandblasted prior to painting with 2 pak chemical resistant undercoat and PPG 2K finish coat to Fleet or custom colors (with scroll work to suit).
Option: Various finishes are available including metallics, clear-over-base and chemical resistant paints


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